Essentials of Spill Response

Fuel spill prevention and response

Specific knowledge that will gain includes:

  • legal requirements for spill prevention and response
  • physical facilities and operational techniques for spill prevention
  • spill kit contents
  • response steps for spills
  • spill reporting

Specific skills that you will gain include:

  • applications for different spill kit contents
  • how to assess a spill
  • what to record about a spill for reporting

Specific behaviors that you will gain include:

  • evaluating safety
  • observations techniques
  • responsibility for yourself and the environment
Jillene West
Jillene West
Management Systems & Certification

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Zimmfor Management Services Ltd. (Zimmfor) is a consulting company comprised of resource sector professionals focused on serving and supporting the resource industry.

We have extensive experience and training in management systems and certification (environment, sustainability, chain of custody and health and safety), due diligence & legality, resource management, forest engineering, and biology.

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